Another Visit to a P4C School

Another stop in the UK for Jan and Jenny involved traveling to London’s East End to visit a school that is using P4C. In this session, a video was used as a stimulus to get students to generate questions for discussion. One student recorded the following question for her group- see images.

The school has approximately 600 students ages 3-11. The outdoor space is designed to be used in all kinds of weather including rain- see image of all the boots. It was raining the day Jenny and Jan visited the school and some younger children were experiencing cause and effect by jumping in puddles in school- provided rain gear. Like other schools we have visited to discern possibilities for the 2016 SURN study tour, music is an integral part of the school with students starting at age 3 with rhythm lessons and acquiring skills and a keen ear so that when they get a school-provided stringed instrument at age 7 they are well prepared.